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Are you a flour hero? Tell your story!

Are you one of those flour heroes who kept “mining” the white gold for all of us – as a farmer, miller, flour processor, fortifier, packager, technology provider, shipper, distributor, trucker or in any other way?

Then tell us your story!

We want to highlight the various steps in the complex process of flour production, distribution and processing. We want to give names and faces to the people who have managed to satisfy the high demand for flour in the particularly challenging months of the pandemic, and will continue to do so.

Dia_mundial_de_la_Harina_VoBo THE STORY OF GRUPO TRIMEX - Dedication, empathy, skills and creativity. At Grupo Trimex we want to highlight the dedication, empathy, skills and creativity of #flourheroes during the past year. From farmers keeping wheat at its best, to our milling crew and everyone in our team making sure the operation kept going throughout adversity, to our… Continue Reading
THE STORY OF SALALAH MILLS CO. S.A.O.G., SALALAH, SULTANATE OF OMAN - Coping with the Covid-19 pandemic. The first case of Covid-19 was reported in Oman on 24th February 2020. These cases involved two Omani citizens returned from Iran. The number of cases started increasing steadily in March 2020. Omani nationals stranded in other countries were airlifted to Oman as the pandemic… Continue Reading
THE NATIONAL MILLING COMPANY OF GUYANA INC. (NAMILCO) THE STORY OF THE NATIONAL MILLING COMPANY OF GUYANA INC. (NAMILCO) - A salute to the proud men and women along the grain-based food supply chain. This year’s celebration is especially dedicated to all the flour heroes who ensured that flour supplies were secure under difficult circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We, at Namilco will join our many loyal customers and… Continue Reading
АО Комбинат хлебопродуктов Старооскольский THE STORY OF STAROOSKOLSKY BAKERY PLANT - Development and Innovation Joint Stock Company “Starooskolsky Bakery Plant” is one of the leaders in the Russian milling industry. Being a member of Stoylenskaya Niva Agricultural Corporation, it is one of the largest processors of agricultural products in the Belgorod Region. The plant began its business activity in 1988. During… Continue Reading
THE STORY OF SOUTH AMMAN MILL IN JORDAN - How South Amman Mill met unusual flour demand during the COVID-19 crisis. South Amman Mill was established in 1997 in Jordan and is today the biggest flour mill in the country. The mill has 3 production lines, all outfitted by the Swiss company Bühler AG, with a total milling capacity… Continue Reading
The Story of Monginis in Mumbai India THE STORY OF MONGINIS IN INDIA - Bringing a little smile to the faces of the people working on the frontline of the pandemic in Mumbai. Creating exceptional cakes is our way of life, and our customers and partners are the focus of everything that we do. By acting in the best interest of everyone along our… Continue Reading
Kirov's Mill: Through challenges and difficulties to success THE STORY OF KIROV’S MILL IN RUSSIA - Through challenges and difficulties to success. Kirov's Mill is the leading flour milling enterprise in Russia and the largest mill in Europe. Today the company produces more than 40 types of special-purpose flours, as well as semolina, grist, bran and flaked grain. The mill can process up to 1,650 tons… Continue Reading
Harinera del Valle THE STORY OF HARINERA DEL VALLE - A great company that grew thanks to wheat flour. Harinera del Valle is a company that believes in Colombia and that has worked for its well-being and nutrition for over 66 years. It has an established portfolio of products that are part of the life of Colombian families, accompanying them… Continue Reading
THE STORY OF GRUPO MOLINOS MODERNOS THE STORY OF GRUPO MOLINOS MODERNOS - Quality People in the pandemic. Wheat is a living organism, a seed that has the peculiarity of being food, and in relation to this function, its care and equilibrium were relevant during the pandemic. In addition to the uncertainty regarding our own and our family's health, at a flour quality… Continue Reading
THE STORY OF GRUPO J. RAFAEL NÚÑEZ P. - Flour, faith and a working family. Our mill is located in the heart of the island of the Dominican Republic (Cotuí). Founded in 1986 as a rice factory and subsequently a pasta factory and wheat mill, our company has always strived to produce quality products and maintain a work culture… Continue Reading
MOLINOS SANTA MARTA S.A.S. A MILL FULL OF LOVE FOR WHAT IS OURS! - Our Mill is located in Colombia, and with the biosecurity protocols implemented, as well as self-care, and a sense of belonging, we were able to remain in operation 24/7 during the most critical period of the Covid-19 pandemic. The year 2020 had its peculiarities, it was difficult to plan and… Continue Reading
LA HISTORIA DE GRUPO SIA FOODS - Cuáles han sido sus experiencias y contribuciones como trabajadores de esta industria durante la pandemia? Continue Reading
Today we are celebrating World Flour Day - Reinvention, commitment and talent, key elements in the pandemic. CMI, through its business, Molinos Modernos, is one of the most important milling groups in Latin America engaged in the production and marketing of industrial wheat and corn flour.  Our mills have the most cutting-edge technology worldwide, which allows us to… Continue Reading
THE STORY OF JEFE MOLINERO DE MOLINO CHABAS SA - Molino Chabás S.A. se encuentra ubicado en la localidad de Chabás, provincia de Santa Fe, en el Centro-Este de la República Argentina.Emplazado en la región núcleo agrícola productiva de la Argentina, afianzanda en el cultivo de cereales y oleaginosas desde el asentamiento de sus primeros pobladores allá por 1882.Molino Chabás… Continue Reading
THE STORY OF CROWN FLOUR MILLS S.A.L. - Crown Flour Mills, more commonly known as CFM, initiated its operations in 1952 as a modest mill capable of milling 40 tons of wheat per day. All original machines were branded "Robinson": The British top-of-the-line equipment at that time. From then and until present, only a few changes occurred. When… Continue Reading
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