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Flour, faith and a working family.

Our mill is located in the heart of the island of the Dominican Republic (Cotuí). Founded in 1986 as a rice factory and subsequently a pasta factory and wheat mill, our company has always strived to produce quality products and maintain a work culture in which our employees become a big family. And like with every family, we take care of each other.

When the pandemic hit our island, the sector that was impacted the worst was the tourism industry.  Currently hotels are working below capacity, affecting the main source of income.   Nevertheless, demand for flour rose to a high level, and as a company we met the challenge head on. Our main concern was getting our team back to the mill.  All it took was a phone call and everybody was back working harder than before. Of course, we implemented all the necessary hygiene measures in order to keep our families safe, but the risk of infection is always present.

To our surprise, a group of employees started a prayer group during lunch break. They met in the parking lot, braving the sun, got down on their knees on the hard concrete and started praying. The group grew to a point where word of this activity got out to the nearby towns and people started driving to our parking lot and joining in on the prayers from their cars.

Bad days and difficult times don’t last forever, but only with faith will we be able to see them through to the end. Believing in God is not an option, it’s a decision, and anything is possible for those who embrace faith.

We are confident that as a company, as a nation, and as people, we will get through this challenge and come out stronger than before. Believe!

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